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Best Philippines dating site.

Review about Hello Pinay

I have joined a lot of Philippines dating sites because I love Filipina girls and this one has been the best for me. They don't have millions of users like filipinocupid but there are probably 100,000 it seems like. Lots of new girls join daily I see all the time. Lots of features that are definotely worth the 12 bucks I paid instead of 30 or 40 a month to the other sites. Whoever built this app lnows what they are doing. Some guys bash the site because they got kicked off for harassing the firls because some guys think it is OK to treat Fiipina girls with no respect. Happy they are proactive about keeping a good community on HP.


Review: Horrible site

Lol so you got kicked off of HelloPinay and are here now bashing that site? This is a great Philippines, I have joined a lot of them and this one is the best. They actually care about who is on there and kick off idiots all the time, such as yourself hahahahaha