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The girl (Ann11) invited me to her Facebook Messenger > - and that's where she asked me for money. I refused. She reported me (HelloPinay) out of revenge. And they blocked me almost immediately. I was in exchange accommodation at the time I have one Filipina with me from Netherlands (Princess girl). And I asked her, have them report it.

Nothing happened. After some time, I made a new profile, I didn't do anything. She found out right away, and she reported me again. An admin wrote to me. What are we planning with this girl (Princess girl?)? Because I didn't understand him right away, I've exhausted the post for clarification and another could not write due to time deadline. He didn't wait and ban me from IP, where was the threat. It was also Princess girl, on my IP.

This website protects fraudsters and punishes honest! The con is still there!!!