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I really love this site

Review about Hello Pinay

Well i'd like to say that this is the best site i join so far. the reason i say this is that they have sooo many different things that other site i try don't have. you can make gestures similar to face book, like and love and smile at users picturs and also rate another users profile. they don't have a limit on pictures and can message everyone, even send image and voicemail.

they even have a new part that is for travelers. so you create a travel profile and others who are also travlers can meet that way. there is also a lot of other things that i dont see befor on other site i try.

oh also they have chat rooms like that! so cool site

well i guess it just have so many different things that really are different from other sites i try. even more than date in asia and now they also have a dark mode like facebook dark mode and the colors are really nice.

there are a lot of foreigner there lookinf for pinay girlfriend so if girls are readin this you should definately try it

the only thing maybe to say about is sometimes they are makeing changes a lot so that i have to learn new things haha but its good cause they make a nice site always.